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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

about us

anti aging solutions for younger looking body using natural renewal supplements like antioxidants, green powder, vegan meal replacement, herbal remedies and juice fasting body detox

About Healing Vineyard

Healing Vineyard carries our own line of Herbal supplements (botanical medicine, herbal remedies, or phytomedicine) using a plant's seeds, berries, fruits, roots, leaves, bark, flowers, or plant extracts for medicinal purposes. Our products are formulated by Lloyd Grubb to cleanse, nourish, and heal the body naturally. We practice herbalism which has a long tradition of use outside conventional medicine.

What is Healing Vineyard offering:
•    Premium anti-aging natural supplement and skin care systems
•    Whole food/herb supplements designed to build corrective nutrients over time

•    Youth renewal with natural remedies (vegan, 100% vegetarian)
•    No fillers or unnecessary ingredients (like rice flour or calcium silicate used in most supplements & construction material)
•    Skin care that restore beauty by nourishing, instead of covering up
•    The finest organic and wild crafted ingredients without chemical vitamins
•    Supplements that taste pleasant while delivering optimal effectiveness
•    Remedies formulated with ingredients that have proven effectiveness for their targeted use
•    Private consultation with Lloyd Grubb, a certified Nutritional Herbologist 
Benefits of using Healing Vineyard products:
•    Boost in energy, alertness and increased productivity
•    Youthfulness and Health inside and out
•    Natural beauty as a result of being healthy
•    Nutrient dense supplements that fight aging and its results
•    Successful results for those who stick with the various programs
•    Supplements are intended for long-term use, to aid in building up corrective nutrients in your body, instead of fillers
•    No stimulant or caustic herbsAnd as always, “It’s Beautiful Being Healthy”


Lloyd Grubb
Nutritional Herbologist

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