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Why Herbal Whole Food Supplements?

You know why fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and tubers are part of your diet, but might wonder, why herbs and powdered whole foods?

Herbs and whole foods contains healing plant (phyto) chemicals that can be taken for their health benefits, to daily heal and nourish the body.

Some of our supplements are for overall wellness but some are for feeding the weakest areas of your body. We source and use various herbs and whole foods concentrates and combined them into specific supplements... Good example... If you are experiencing cardiovascular weakness or disease, our circulation supplement contains ingredients researched and used in many different healing traditions to nourish and strengthen on a daily basis.

Why can't I just eat a regular balanced healthy diet? Wouldn't that be enough to heal me?

The healing properties of herbal remedies will not be gained through a regular diet. Supplementation adds to a regular healthy diet nutrients that are not normally taken in.

Why can't I just partake of a supplement with 100 to 200 ingredients? Why your supplement system target specific body parts or system or problem?

The more ingredients the less targeted the needed herbs. It is important to focus on the area you are weakest in.

At Healing Vineyard we formulate our supplements to be taken regularly to help you live a healthy simple active lifestyle.

"It Is Beautiful Being Health"

Health Blogs

Slow Aging through Digestion

A meal with high amounts of fresh vegetables will always do better in the body

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Digestion is the mechanical and chemical breakdown of food into smaller components that are more easily absorbed into the blood stream. This process begins in your mouth. Chewing your food properly makes it easier for your digestive system to break down your food, which in turn puts less wear on your organs.

The digestive track is about 30 feet long. In a healthy human adult the digestive...

Integrate Health into Your Lifestyle

Healthy habits should be part of your lifestyle

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Healthy habits should be part of your lifestyle and not something you do only to overcome a particular disease or weakness. The more healthy lifestyle practices you incorporate, the healthier you will become. Here are some ideas to integrate for a healthier lifestyle.

Water: Increase your water intake by observing when fruits are...

Calcium, Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis

American women have 3 times the calcium as Asian women and twice the amount of Osteoarthritis

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This article will serve as an example why whole plant nutrient and/or supplements are the only sensible health choice and these alone give the body a balance spectrum of nutrients it needs to do the job of repairing and building.

American women have 3 times the calcium as Asian women and twice the...

Ascertain and Remove Cause

ascertain what is causing the disease and then remove the cause

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An important factor in overcoming any illness is to ascertain what is causing the disease and then remove the cause. This factor is important before or while applying natural means to correct the illness or weakness. Although one may not always find out what is the exact cause (i.e. inherited), each person should endeavor to find out what are the general causes and triggers that...

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia

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Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It primary affect older adults and it affects the part of the brain that Controls thought, memory and language. Nearly 4 million American suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

There is a genetic component to the disease which is not the focus of this blog. In most of these blogs I will focus on what the medical and natural world is looking into, with respect to what you can...




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