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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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Ascertain and Remove Cause

ascertain what is causing the disease and then remove the cause

An important factor in overcoming any illness is to ascertain what is causing the disease and then remove the cause. This factor is important before or while applying natural means to correct the illness or weakness. Although one may not always find out what is the exact cause (i.e. inherited), each person should endeavor to find out what are the general causes and triggers that have created the diseased condition in the system.


The healing process works more rapidly when the cause of the disease is removed because new abuses are not being heaped upon the system. This gives time for the body to rest from the strain and to increase its healing and restorative activities.

The time spent understanding the reasons why you are experiencing any pain or debility is never wasted. This search will help each person to better understand how his/her body works, how diet and lifestyle affects one’s well being, how natural remedies work and why a long term commitment is needed. When this is learned the person becomes more committed to making the effort needed to relieve him/herself of the thing or situation that is causing the problem. Ignorance about what is causing these problems and not doing anything to remove the cause will not help any treatment path the person takes.

For instance, as you learn more about your body, you will become convinced of what is an adequate amount of water needed on a daily basis. Then you will realize that an herb or blend of herbs for circulation will not do as good a job without the adequate amount of water intake.

Another simple example of this is the fact that there are no cures for a lack of sleep, but sleep; which simply means that if a person does not get adequate amount of sleep, an energy formula will help, but is not going to be as effective in restoring the person’s energy level. To right the wrong in the system takes time because most illnesses develop over a period of time and it takes concerted effort over a period of time for illness to be corrected. Another cause could be lack of nutrients to sustain, replace, rebuild and repair the body. This factor is import because without good building blocks the body cannot maintain health and carry out its daily operations.

This is why a person could have a calcium deficiency and yet drink plenty of milk every day, since milk is viewed as a good source of calcium. Here again the cause needs to be ascertained and removed and then quality nutrients taken into the body. Taking in good nutrients in this case would not help the person as much without removing the cause of the problem in the first place. This is one of our primary guiding principles at Healing Vineyard and we encourage you to practice it. This principle is a more reasonable way to approach natural health. Although we strive to improve and to bring you the best products and formulas, we would never want you to have unrealistic expectations of any product.

And as always “It’s Beautiful Being Healthy”.

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