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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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blog - anti aging solutions for younger looking body using natural renewal supplements like antioxidants, facial elixir, green powder, vegan meal replacement, herbal remedies and juice fasting body detox

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Integrate Health into Your Lifestyle

Healthy habits should be part of your lifestyle

Healthy habits should be part of your lifestyle and not something you do only to overcome a particular disease or weakness. The more healthy lifestyle practices you incorporate, the healthier you will become. Here are some ideas to integrate for a healthier lifestyle.

Water: Increase your water intake by observing when fruits are in season and partake of large volumes of the fruits you love the best. When fruits are in season they tend to be sweeter and cheaper. When you wake in the morning, the first order of business after you pray is to drink 16 oz of water (distilled or spring if distilled not available). If you do not like the taste of water, add lemon juice to it. Carry to work with you 32 oz of water so you can hydrate yourself during the day (add lemon if desired). Then one hour before bed drink another 8 oz. of water. Incorporating these habits will almost guarantee that you are drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water a day.

Air: Because of increase technology most of us find ourselves indoors most of the time, not getting sufficient fresh air. Whenever possible, especially in the winter, go outside for a short walk. If this is not always possible, make sure to have some widows in your house cracked and most importantly, to have one of your bedroom windows cracked to get fresh air. Fresh air coming in at night while you sleep is an excellent therapy. And please, I do not want anyone writing me to tell me that they got sick from trying this. This is just to circulate fresh air while your body is in deep sleep. If this gets you sick, you need a body detox and then an immune system program.

Mental: Exercise the brain through meditation (think about something constructive), learning and simple and/or difficult reasoning. Hence watching a music video would not constitute exercise for the brain. We start learning from the womb and never stop until we die, so it is very important to feed the brain knowledge. Spend more time learning about health and how the body works.

Emotion: Negative emotional health affects wellness because it causes physiological stress upon the organs of the body. Facing reality is a good therapy for balancing one’s emotional state. If I am 100 lbs overweight and yet insist on telling myself that I am ok, this will not help my emotional state when I am lying down at night and feel a sharp pain near my heart and start panicking. There are surprises that we experience that need not be surprises if we would be honest with ourselves. Also avoid stressful situations and people, especially if you see them coming your way.

Food: Always make effort to incorporate healthy/healthier choices into your diet. Try a vegan yogurt which will help with your intestinal flora. Try this juice twice per week; juice 8 carrots, 6 apples, 4 bosc pear and two inches of fresh ginger. The ginger will slow the spoiling process so it will stay fresher longer. And most naturally go on an herbal regiment to regularly receive the healing properties of various herbs. This is important because the body is ever changing and it is important to have new healthy cells.

It is more important to have a healthy lifestyle, than to wait until an emergency to try to remedy the problem.

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