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Friday, December 13, 2019

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Colon Tonic Daytime -
Colon Tonic Daytime

Colon Tonic daytime is formulated to be used as a daily fiber which cleanse, detox, tone, aid digestion, help relief constipation and to taste pleasant.
Key benefits:
•    Relief constipation without the use of any laxatives
•    Pleasant taste of Peppermint and Licorice
•    Pleasant and smooth experience
•    Daytime laxative
•    High volume of herbs that are good for digestion and colon Colon Tonic daytime helps relief    constipation without the use of any laxatives.
While taking Colon Tonic you should not experience any unnatural urge to go to the toilet normally associated with laxatives. This makes it possible to take the blend on regular work days.We achieve this by using fibers and a high volume of herbs that are good for digestion and colon. Colon Tonic has a very pleasant taste of Peppermint and Licorice. This simple translate into a pleasant and smooth experience.
Ingredients: Psyllium seeds and husks, Flax seeds*, food grade Bentonite clay, Apple Pectin*, Peppermint leaf**, Chamomile flowers**, Licorice root**, Rose Hips**, Activated Hardwood Charcoal and Fennel seed**.
*Certified Organic **Wild Crafted
Each container of Colon Tonic contains 16 oz or 60 - 1 tbs. servings.   Dietary fiber: 3 grams per serving of 1 tbs. (18% of daily value)  
$32.00 - $32.00 Tax Incl.
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Colon Tonic gently soften my stool, so I could have the most pleasant relaxing experience ever.

Psyllium (Plantago Ovata) – Is used in many countries to treat diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids and urinary problems. The mucilage in Psyllium sooths the digestive tracts. It is a gentle laxative and anti-diarrheal agent. It is a bulk forming laxative that is safe for long term use. Psyllium fibers absorb many times its bulk in water to form a gelatinous mass that keep the feces hydrated and soft.

Flax seed
(Linum Usitatissimum) – Has very high levels of essential fatty acids which are important in maintaining a healthy heart, circulation and in preventing chronic inflammatory diseases. Flax seed retain fluid when soaked, which helps to make the stool softer for easier bowel movements. The mucilage in the seed has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on conditions like irritable bowel, colitis and hemorrhoids.

Bentonite clay - Is one of the most effective natural intestinal detoxifying substances available to man. Bentonite clay comes from clay deposits found throughout the world. Bentonite is not a mineral, but a commercial name for montmorillonite, the active mineral in many medicinal types of clay. The name montmorillonite come from the city montmorillon, in France, where medicinal clay was first identified. Bentonite clay is a super-absorbent, which will expand in water and absorb various toxins. Bentonite is also used as a base in many facial mask and other facial products.

Apple Pectin fiber (Malus domestica) – As a dietary fiber, apple pectin is helpful in maintaining good digestive health. An indigestible, soluble fiber, apple pectin is a general intestinal regulator that is used in many medicinal preparations, especially as an anti-diarrhea agent. Apples are rich in pectin, a soluble fiber, which is effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

Peppermint leaf (Mentha Piperita) – Peppermint teas are used the world over to calm queasy stomachs and to quiet indigestion. Peppermint kills microorganisms that can cause food poisoning and also help relief nausea and vomiting. Peppermint oil has been shown to stop the growth of Salmonella bacteria and also slowed the growth of Listeria. Helps to dissolve gallstones and increase bile flow. Peppermint oil blocks the contractions of the smooth muscles lining the intestines, reversing some of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla) – Chamomile is used regularly in treatments for irritable bowel syndrome because of its antispasmodic properties. Chamomile is recognized by medical research as having value in preventing and treating peptic ulcers. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine actions which soothe the digestive tract. Also Chamomile counteracts Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium associated with a majority of peptic ulcer cases.

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) – Licorice is wildly used in Chinese medicine as a tonic to treat ulcers, gastritis, excessive acid and other ailments. Licorice soothes inflammation and protects the stomach and intestines from the effects of stomach acid. Licorice is useful as a gentle laxative. Licorice also is of significant benefit for people with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis).

Rose hips (Rosa Canina) – Has high levels of vitamins, including vitamin C. The tannin content of rose hips makes them gentle remedy for diarrhea. The hips are mildly diuretic. Rose hips reduce gastric inflammation.

Activated Charcoal - Charcoal is a natural internal detoxifier popularly used to help cleanse the body of unwanted materials that can lead to putrification and gas or excess flatus. Activated charcoal is used to treat poisonings and overdoses following oral ingestion. It is thought to bind to poison and prevent its absorption by the gastrointestinal tract. Due to its high degree of microporosity, just one gram of activated charcoal has a surface area of approximately 500 m², as determined typically by nitrogen gas adsorption.

Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare) – Is used to stimulate appetite, to soothe digestion, and to hasten healing of muscle strains and hernia. Fennel relaxes the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract to help aid in digestion.

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